The Ständige Vertretung – The Institution within the City Center

The restaurant Ständige Vertretung is a Berliner institution located in the city center. In this restaurant the walls are full of German politicians, and its name “Ständige Vertretung” refers to the political decision of the reunited Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to move the German capital from Bonn in Rheinland to Berlin back in the 1990ies. So the owners of this restaurant decided to cope with the new situation by moving with many thousands of politicians from their hometown Bonn in Rheinland and establish a “Ständige Vertretung”, a “constant consulate” in Berlin, the new capital of the BRD (FRG), in order to preserve and propagate the Rheinland culture in Berlin. So the Ständige Vertretung has been in Berlin since the late 1990ies and since then it has been a special restaurant institution in the minds of many Berliners. The artsy walls full of pictures of important figures of the German public as well as the whole interior is very colorful and impressive. The staff is very friendly and the food is super-delicious and authentic. So when you are fond of authentic German food in a historic, artsy and colorful interior, this restaurant institution is the right place for you.

We had the Kasseler Braten, a smoked pork chop with Sauerkraut and fried potatoes, a traditional dish from Kassel, a town in the center of Germany. And additionally we had ‘Himmel un Ääd’, the so-called most popular Rheinland dish, a dish with grilled black pudding (sausage), mashed potatoes, sautéed onions and apple compote. Our dishes we enjoyed with the traditional Gaffel Kölsch, a typical beer from Cologne. But here at the Ständige Vertretung you also can get plenty of other dishes such as Flammkuchen, a Tarte flambée, this traditional dish from the Alsace. Enough said. See it for yourself:

And here is the slide show:

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The Bottom Line: The Ständige Vertretung, located at the Schiffbauerdamm 8, in 10117 Berlin, is an institution for Berlin and serves you great food in a fancy interior. When you are in Berlin this place is a must see!

From Berlin with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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