Café BilderBuch – The Fancy & Comfy Café-Institution in Berlin

The Café BilderBuch is a Berliner institution located right in the center of the nice and fancy neighborhood Berlin-Schöneberg, one of Berlin’s most elegant neighborhoods also when it comes to well-restored old buildings built more than 100 years ago, during the times of the German Empire. And so is the Café BilderBuch, a posh and elegant coffee-house, full of vintage furniture, sterling and ceiling ceilings as well as a very nice rear part of the café, where it sports even book shelves. This contributes to the cosy bookstore café atmosphere of the Café BilderBuch. There is even a stage and live music in this rear part of the café, in which we experienced great German music performed by a local Berliner band. So the Café BilderBuch is also a good jump gate for local bands on their way to become famous.

And here at Café BilderBuch the food is great as well. You even can get breakfast until 23:00 (11 pm), yeah seriously and officially. Though I had my breakfast way earlier, meaning midday, I decided to have a special breakfast and therefore chose the “Tausend und eine Nacht” (The Arabian Nights), which is an oriental breakfast with olives, sheep cheese, various other sorts of cheese, cucumber, salad, and this special Turkish salami with garlic called Sucuk. I had it together with a cappuccino. Yummy! At another visit we had a tasty tuna baguette and a salmon baguette in the rear part of the Café BilderBuch, which is full of sofas and couch chairs and of course plenty of books in book shelves. Therefore this café is called also library in its subtitle. So all this together with the nice and friendly staff gives a very good atmosphere to get into your flow or mojo, you name it.

But see for yourself:

And here’s you have the famous slide show for those of you who prefer this format:

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The Bottom Line: The Café BilderBuch, located in the Akazienstrasse 28, in 10823 Berlin, within the fancy neighborhood of Schöneberg, is a great example for a fusion of art, live music, elegance, comfort, and great bookstore café atmosphere. If you go to Berlin you don’t want to miss this great place.

From Berlin with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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